What You Must Have For HDTV

Johnson Furniture is just one appliance store making the big switch on their showroom floor. New HDTV's arrive frequently giving customers one more choice in the tough decision on which one to buy. Sales associate, Britt Elliott said,  " Everything is going to be nothing but your hi def digital television, in pretty much anywhere you go. "

Elliott has the challenging job of explaining h-d-t-v musts to customers who know nothing at all or think they know it all. We'll start somewhere in the middle.

First factor you want to check for is does the set have an advanced television system committee or ATSC tuner in it? Elliott said, " ATSC is a group that sets the standards for your digital television." It's nice to know a committee is looking out for your tv viewing. Elliott continued to explain,  " You're going to get better sound and better pictures with ATS standards."

Next you want to find out what is the resolution. Elliott easily listed,  " There's 720p,1080i,and 1080 p" It's just technical jargon for how good a picture you'll receive. Elliott points to the a screen,  " The numbers are counting your scanning lines across. It counts them across and up and down. " The idea is the larger the number the better the picture. Elliott said,  " You can see a difference in a 1080 i and a 1080p and the 720. You're going to get a much more of a vivid picture." But remember this, television stations do not broadcast in 1080 p. You only need this kind of resolution if you are planning on playing Blu Ray or HD DVD disks. Chances are you will on your main set.