Emergency Services District Mistake

by Christa Lollis

Last year Nacogdoches County residents voted for emergency services district 4 to be created. In January of 2007 the commissioners court met to discuss the planning of the new ESD. "In that meeting there were some issues with the boundaries. The original paperwork that was filed said the boundaries were going to follow the Woden independent school district lines," County Judge Joe English explains.

But, after reviewing the lines drawn, those involved in the planning realized it would make more sense to use Lanana creek as a dividing line. That's when the lines of communication got crossed. President of the district, Greg Sowell says, "That info was not relayed to central appraisal district although the election was held with the line from Lanana creek so the appraisal district assessed taxes."

So far the 90 residents who own land between Lanana creek and the Woden ISD line have paid more than 400 dollars in taxes. But they'll soon get a notice informing them that it's money they didn't really owe. Even though they're outside the district it doesn't mean the ambulance won't come. "They're not going to stop at an ESD line if they have a call anyway. This is in no way going to interfere with any emergency service,"  Sowell said. If residents receive a notice that they're owed a refund they can pick up the money or it can be applied towards next years taxes. The refunds are averaging a dollar fifty with some as low as 20 cents. The highest is 44 dollars.