Zavalla ISD Success

After several kids in Zavalla were diagnosed with rare forms of cancer, some people thought it had to do with something in the water. Particularly the school water. Now that tests prove the water is clean, Zavalla ISD officials are also trying to clean up their image. Zavalla ISD's destination imagination team is going to the state finals. Today parents and faculty threw the team a huge send off party.

Zavalla ISD 5th Grade Teacher and Destination Imagination District Coordinator Kathy Caton said, "We're hoping to do well. We're glad we had somebody going to state. This is our forth year to participate in D.I. And we're really proud to have a team advancing to state."

Destination imagination is a national program that teaches children problem solving and critical thinking skills. They learn by performing skits. Today was the last time Zavalla ISD's D.I. Team got to perform at home before heading off to roundrock for this weekend's state competition.

D.I. member Monica Meyers said, "We're looking foward to meeting other people at the pending ceremony, working hard and trying to get first again."

That's not all that's going on at Zavalla ISD. ISD officials also recently put together a new softball team.

"It feels good being part of something that's going down in history in Zavalla, us being the first team. So it's really neat to be a part of," team shortstop Julian Machann said.

It's also the first time the Junior High boys and girls track teams have won the district track meet.

Head coach Becky Yates told us, "The community's been great. This is a small town. So, we really do honestly have the biggest group of fans at the meets. That makes a big difference."

With so many positive things going on, Zavalla ISD officials think the rumors of contaiminated water is already a thing of the past.

"I believe we've got a brand new image. We're doing do many good things. We're good to go," Zavalla High and Junior High School principal said.

Zavalla ISD also has a new distance learning lab on campus. Lab students take classes from Angelina College for dual credit. Lab students will also be allowed to take college math classes from Stephen F. Austin State University this fall.