Nacogdoches Police Report - 4/4/08

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION: 300 BLOCK OF THOMAS STREET. Complainant reported that a known suspect forced entry into a residence and assaulted the complainant by slapping her and pushing her down. Warrant requested.

ASSAULT: 2800 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Officers were dispatched to a fight in progress. It was determined that a known suspect had assaulted a male victim by striking him in the face. Alan Joseph Hamilton was arrested.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 800 BLOCK OF OLD TYLER ROAD. Complainant reported that a known suspect entered his residence after being given a criminal trespass warning.

BURGLARY OF A BUILDING: 2700 BLOCK OF CENTER HIGHWAY. An alarm activation was received from the county barn. Upon arrival, officers discovered that the building had been entered. Several truck tires were moved outside. Case under investigation.

ASSAULT: 1400 BLOCK OF HARRIS STREET. Complainant reported that he was struck in the arm by a family member during an argument. Complainant did not wish to file charges.

DWI: 1500 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Officers were called to a person passed out behind the wheel. Officers found the suspect asleep behind the wheel of the vehicle, which was in gear and running. Officers arrested Bradley Laidler for DWI.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 2700 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. A known suspect came onto a premises where he had been given a previous criminal trespass warning. Sammy Polk was arrested.

ASSAULT: 1600 BLOCK OF CARDINAL. A known suspect assauled his girlfriend by striking her. Warrant requested.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 1500 BLOCK OF DOLPH STREET. A known suspect entered onto property after being advised not to return. Edward Matthews was arrested.

THEFT: 3200 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Complainant reported leaving his wallet at a store on March 6th, and it was stolen.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 300 BLOCK OF ELLINGTON. Complainant reported various hand and electrical tools stolen from the bed of a pickup.

THEFT: 1300 BLOCK OF RHO. Complainant stated that a known suspect stole $200.00.

TERRORISTIC THREAT: 1900 BLOCK OF BERRY DRIVE. Complainant advised that a known suspect threatened to shoot the complainant. A warrant has been requested.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 500 BLOCK OF KING STREET. Complainant reported the theft of a class ring from inside a vehicle.

THEFT: 900 BLOCK OF NORTH UNIVERSITY DRIVE. Complainant was approached in a parking lot. The suspects showed the complainant a large amount of "money" and began a confidence game. The result was the complainant withdrew $400.00 to show "good faith". The money was taken and the suspects left on foot.