Tree Destroys Home

Friday morning will be a day Jack Heard will remember. Heard said, " This gigantic tree in my neighbor's yard fell right across the top of our house. " In that second fear was felt by Mr Heard and his wife Peggy. Heard recalled,  " I could hear my wife screaming and I was trying to get to her." The heard's think what if we had slept just an hour later. Pointing to his bedroom Heard said,  " My bed was just about completely demolished. We would have been very seriously injured or worse."

Mr Heard was at his computer, drinking his morning coffee. His wife was in the living room. Both were suddenly surrounded by branches, falling sheet rock, rafters, and protruding nails. Heard points to the chair he left, his coffee cup still next to his computer. He said, pointing to a nearby rafter,  " When I turned around that missed me by about 18 inches."

The Heard's loss is their home. Neighbors further down Raguet Street dealt with the inconvenience of no electricity.  Crews have been working on the lines all morning. Probably by this evening they hope to have the power restored. As many as 40 trees fell pulling down a block of power lines.   Former Mayor Bob Dunn lives in the area. The pilot is probably right about what happened.  Dunn said,  " I don't think it was tornado, I believe it was down burst."

Such weather patterns can lead to serious injuries and even death. The Heards realize that now. They're new retirees to the pineywoods. Heard looks over his destroyed house.  " We could have been injured very bad. We are very grateful to the Lord. " Scared they were, but not enough to move. They plan to bulldoze the home they've been working so hard on and build another.

Other weather related problems in Nacogdoches included intermittent flooding and broken limbs. More than one thousand residents were without power. A minor accident had major effects in Nacogdoches. Three vehicles collided causing no injuries and minor damages to the vehicles, but the cars had the northbound lanes of 59 blocked. Traffic was backed up for more than a mile on 59 while crews cleaned up the wreck.

Nacogdoches wasn't the only part of our viewing area that got hit this morning, especially in northern East Texas.   Timpson got the brunt of it. A large tree fell on a frame house. No one was home at the time and it didn't cause any roof damage. It narrowly missed a pickup by inches. Owner, Charles Milford said,  " I was kinda relieved it wasn't as much damage as I thought, but it was still more than I wished would have happened. " Timpson city marshal, Jeff Clop said,    " there were signs all over 59. There were tree limbs all over 59. Trees down all over town. They began calling me about trees down on cars. Trees down falling down on houses. A lot of folks calling about the power being out. " Another large tree fell across cars at an automotive shop. Elsewhere in the county trees fell over roadways and power lines. In most areas crews were able to remove and restore power by midday.