Texas Trash Off

by Christa Lollis

Volunteers spent the majority of their mornings picking up trash on the sides of the road. In Angelina County more than 300 East Texans did their part to make East Texas a cleaner place and a more desirable place to be. "It also helps with the economic impact. You know when people drive through, this a gateway community and when people drive through they either say wow, look how clean this is or it looks littered. I mean it makes a difference," Tony Moline, Executive Director with Angelina Beautiful Clean explains. But Angelina County wasn't the only area that took part in trash off. It's a state wide event that keeps the streets of Texas litter free. "This is a time where we try to get everybody in the state to clean up their adopt a highway spots, clean up in their parks, clean up everything they can and really try to make a spring cleaning effort," Moline Said.

It's an annual event that most communities in the area help out with. Last year in Angelina County alone the volunteers picked up 3 and a half tons of trash. And that's not even all of it. Angelina Beautiful Clean hopes after today's efforts East Texans will think before they litter. Moline explains, "It's a change of mind. Everybody needs to start thinking when they open their car and a receipt falls out just bend down and pick it up. You know somebody's going to have to eventually." And the hope is if everyone picks up their one piece of trash, East Texas will eventually become litter free.