Gurka Overcoming Injury, Leading AC

Jason Gurka, loves to play.

"Last year I was an everyday player."

So when he told head coach Jeff Livin his shoulder hurt, Gurka, found himself in unfamiliar territory.

"I had one job and that was to pitch, and then I couldnt even pitch."

And left Livin with a tough decision, to play or not to play.

"As much as you want to win, you still have to be concerned with what happens down the line, especially with someone like Jason, who has a chance and will pitch in pro ball, it is not a fun decision to make<" said Livin.

For over a month, Gurka sat, while his team struggled, losing 5 of 6 to start the conference, and left Jason and his team, chomping at the bit for his return.

"They were just ready for me to get back out there and pitch the way I can and win some ball games," said Gurka.

As luck would have it, the decision to sit paid off.

And now Gurka and the 'Runners have taken off.

"It feels great, being back out there like my old self, it feels like I was back in high school when I went 14-2 my senior year, and I just felt like I could pitch the way I always could pitch," said Gurka, who has thrown 3 straight complete games.

"We came out smelling like a rose on this one, we rested him and we were able to recooperate it, and thankfully it responded to the rest and treatment, and he is back at 100% now," said Livin.