Pre K-Kindergarten Roundup

School districts are conducting Pre-K and kindergarten registrations for next year. In Nacogdoches, Wednesday evening is the big Roundup Day. Brooks Quinn Jones Elementary principal, Rachel Johnson said,  " We're really encouraging our parents to register the kindergarten students so we can be prepared because we always have to end up adding a kindergarten class district wide, two or three classes, because they weren't registered in the spring. " Parents should bring their child's birth certificate, social security card, immunization record, and proof of residence. For Pre-K registration you'll also need proof of income. In addition to the registration there will be a free immunization clinic during the same hours as the Round Up, 4 P.M. to 7 P.M. on Wednesday at Brooks Quinn Jones Elementary.

Time and time again educators have shown how Pre-K and Kindergarten instruction provide a strong learning foundation for children.   Those reading skills at age five and six are directly attributed to Pre-K instruction.  Kindergarten teacher, Maylene Neal said,   " We're able to go ahead and start working on other sounds and actually get into reading and we found out children who attend Pre-K know their colors. They know their shapes, so a lot of their math concept area already there. They've already formed the foundation. "

Despite the benefits, Pre K is offered only to low income children. Even kindergarten remains an option in the state of Texas. However, teachers highly recommend Pre K and kindergarten. Most parents are following the advice.

Next year children will benefit from  full day Pre-K instruction.Pre-K teacher Shakendra Hewitt knows how to utilize the time. She explained, " A large block of our time will be devoted to centers and that's where Pre-K kids get most of their learning time, in center time, because we want things to be playful, purposeful and planful. "

School districts aim to have all children, no matter what their pre school training is, on the same level by the third grade. That bar can be raised if more children participate in early childhood education.