East Texas Veterans Forum

James Berry fought in World War II, but Monday night his concerns aren't about defending our country, they're about defending his pocketbook.

Berry said, "I am interested in veterans, I understand they will go up on our co-pay and I can't afford much of that."

Berry is not alone. Dozens of veterans showed up trying to find answers to questions, and to find out what resources are available to them. US Congressman Louie Gohmert put together a panel to help find solutions. This is the second forum, and he says the concerns are the same.

Gohmert said, "We need to have electronic records so no matter if you're calling from Lufkin or the regional office in Waco you can't have the records and you don't have to keep getting the run around."

Leamon Ligon, the county veterans service officer, says a lot of the vets don't realize all that's available to them. And a lot of them are concerned that money will run out.

Lignon said, "I think they're very scared about social security. There's a great fear that their losing their benefits and people like me are trying to let people know that there's hope."

Gohmert says these men and women served honorably and now they should be honorably served.