Naconiche Legal Battle

Lake Naconiche, now under construction in northern Nacogdoches County, is designed to control flood waters.   Right now construction crews continue to build boat ramps, parks and roadways. As for the county commissioner's court, its work isn't quite as rewarding. They're in a legal battle with Deep East Texas Electric and Tex-La. The companies had moved lines to accommodate the lake. The county is questioning a total of about $300,000 in cost overruns.

Nacogdoches County Judge Joe English said,   " It's kinda coincidental that we were able to resolve 12 companies in a timely fashion, but it seems that these two companies that are involved with today are from the same group of engineers and lawyers. The issue was up for discussion in Tuesday's county commission meeting. Not all the attorneys were present, so the matter is tabled until next month.