Lufkin Police Report - 4/10/08

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE:  700 BLOCK OF RAGUET.  Complainant reported that his black Honda Accord was stolen by an unknown person Wednesday afternoon.

HARASSMENT:  300 BLOCK OF LINDEN.  Complainant reported receiving numerous silent phone calls over the past two months from a blocked phone number.

PROTECTIVE VIOLATION:   2500 BLOCK OF DANIEL MCCALL DR.  Complainant reported that a known suspect violated an active protective order by approaching her in a store Wednesday evening.

HARASSMENT:  1700 BLOCK OF FIRST.  Complainant reported an ongoing problem with a known suspect following her and reported that the suspect tried to run her off the road in his car.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1500 BLOCK OF COPELAND.  Complainant reported that her windshield was cracked Wednesday when her boyfriend took her car during an argument.  Complainant believes her boyfriend broke the windshield because he was angry with her.

INDECENCY WITH A CHILD:  Complainant reported that a known suspect had inappropriate sexual contact with her minor child.

ASSAULT:  200 BLOCK OF SAWGRASS.  A married couple reported mutual assault Wednesday.  Both stated the other assaulted them but neither party had any injuries, no charges filed.

THEFT:  800 BLOCK OF SOUTH JOHN REDDITT.  Complainant reported that she received notice that she had won a large cash prize from a casino in Canada.  She later received a check from the casino and was instructed to cash the check and wire money to a woman in California.  The complainant did so and later learned the check she had received was fraudulent, that the casino didn't exist and the check was written on a non-existent bank and the victim has lost over $4000 in the scam.

ASSAULT:  2500 BLOCK OF SOUTH JOHN REDDITT.  Complainant reported that his girlfriend assaulted him during an argument Wednesday by trying to grab him by his throat.  Complainant was not injured and did not want to file charges.

FRAUD:  700 BLOCK OF JORDAN.  Complainant reported that he has received notice that he owes money to a company he's never done business with.  Complainant believes someone else used his social security number to obtain a loan they didn't pay.