Nacogdoches Police Report - 4/14/08

UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT-INTERFERRENCE WITH 9-1-1 CALL: 3500 BLOCK OF CHIMNEY ROCK. Complainant was involved in a family disturbance. The suspect locked the complainant in the bathroom for over 30 minutes. The complainant was able to forcibly exit the bathroom and attempted to call 9.1.1. The suspect then grabbed the phone and threw it against the wall, destroying it. Kevin Jurecka was arrested.

UNLAWFUL CARRYING OF A WEAPON-POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: OAKHILL PLAZA. Suspect was contacted for loud noise. Officers located a pistol on suspect's person along with two tablets of suspected Ecstasy. Clifton White was arrested.

DWI (2 CHARGES) POSSESSION OF A DANGEROUS DRUG: 1500 CREEKSIDE DRIVE. Officers were investigating a hit and run accident and a disturbance. Officers contacted the hit and run suspect, James Woodward, who officers suspected of being intoxicated. Officers also located suspected Soma tablets on his person. Another suspect drove up and appeared to be intoxicated. Officers arrested Alexandria Tagas for DWI also.

ASSAULT: 700 BLOCK OF SWIFT STREET. A known suspect slapped the complainant during an argument. Complainant signed a complaint in municipal court.

THEFT: 300 BLOCK OF SOUTH FREDONIA. Complainant reported leaving a purse containing a digital camera, a pink wallet, and some personal checks on the ground the night before during the Americana Festival. When complainant returned the next day, the items were gone.