T-Bird Bigger, Maybe Better

Last spring, S.F.A.'s Tyrell Williams was catching passes with N.F.L. dreams.  This spring, Williams is catching his breath.

"I've been playing football the last 13 years," Williams says.  "And last season was my first to sit out."

It wasn't by choice.   The teams leading receiver from 2006, made some mistakes before his senior year.  It cost him the season.

"It was just real hard," Williams says of sitting out.  "I just couldn't watch it."

Williams season was lost.  His career was not.

"I think the year he sat out he really matured," S.F.A. Head Coach J.C. Harper says.

"He came back to the team apologized and said it wouldn't happen again," Wide Receiver Dominique Edison says.  "I expect him to do big things."

Williams is already big.  Standing at six feet, five inches tall, the man known as T-Bird has added some fuel.

"We were in the weight room and it said 266," Edision says.  "I was like gosh you gained fifty pounds in a year."

"It's just something that happened," Williams says.  "I wasn't working as hard as the guys who were playing during the season."

Just two weeks into spring practice, Williams has already dropped 12 pounds.  His coach isn't worried.

"I coached at Notre Dame and Jerome Bettis was there," Harper says.  "Everyone gave him a hard time but me.  If you can carry the weight and still run, I don't have a problem with it."

The Jacks hope their T-Bird, can roll like the bus.