Choking Game Concerns

by Christa Lollis

Some of these kids say they've played the choking game just to try it, and almost all of them say they know someone else who has too. "Most of the teenagers were doing it. They'll put somebody against the wall and choke them and see if they'll go to sleep," an East Texas teenager explained.

There was a meeting tonight at a Lufkin church to show East Texas teenagers that playing the game is playing with death and organizers want more parents and kids to realize that. "It scares me tremendously. If I didn't know about it I know there are a lot of other parents who didn't and there are a lot of our young people who didn't know. But what's even scarier is that a lot of our young people had heard of it and they know people who are involved in it and that's even scarier," Pastor Derrick Lewis Nobles said.

After hearing the scary truth, these teenagers say the choking game isn't for them. "I really care about my life and I like my life," one of the teens said.  We asked, what would you tell others?  "That they shouldn't be playing it cause they could lose their life," she replied.  And that's a sad reality many families have already had to face. Attendance at tonight's meeting wasn't very high but it has sparked interest within the church. They will now hold another session on April 20th during their 10:30 service.  The church is Abundant Life Methodist Church on Sayers across from Brandon Elementary.