Trinity County Marathon

by Christa Lollis

Groveton was a hot spot for marathon runners this weekend. Nearly 300 of them came to compete in the Davy Crocket Bearchase Run. It's something many of them train for day in and day out. "Started out I couldn't run about 200 yards and I'd nearly fall out so the next week I would run 200 more yards and in about a month I could make a half a mile," runner Ed Win gate said. That was when he started running at 58, now at 72 he's running half marathons and beating runners half his age. And today he proved that with a time of less than 2 hours.

He along with the other hundreds of participants brought a boost to the east Texas economy. Organizer Steve Boone explains, "There's no hotels in Groveton so they're in Crockett, they're in Lufkin, they're in Livingston, some drove up from Houston but they have to buy gas with this going on." Aside from spending money throughout East Texas the runners also paid entry fees. That money will benefit the Trinity County Chamber of Commerce to help develop new business in the area. "My guess is we'll raise between 8 and 12 thousand dollars for this little race," Boone said. A big help to the county and now organizers hope they can continue to bring the money in by bringing the race back every year. As for Ed he says he's hoping to keep running until at least 75. "I'm going to run just as long as the good lord lets me and I thank him everyday for him letting me run the way I run."