Corporate Challenge

by Christa Lollis

Volleyball, softball, bowling, it's all a part of the Nacogdoches corporate challenge. Today was the start of this years challenge and the teams are already fighting to be number one. "Companies within Nacogdoches County compete against each other and they score points based on how they finish in each event and obviously the one with the most points at the end wins," Tracy Ruckel with the parks department explained. So what's the prize? Bragging rights. Today was softball but over the next 2 weeks companies will compete in a series of events to determine who this years challenge champion is. "We're kind of the defending champions but we're not off to a good start so far," athletic supervisor Anthony Key said. But it's just gotten started so right now it's anybody's game. The rec center staff says coworkers hanging out in a relaxed environment is really what the next two weeks are about. "A lot of times when you hang out outside of work you build relationship with each other that you can't establish at work because you are a little more free to be yourself so it promotes comradery," Key said. As the competition gets going more rivalries will definitely heat up.