Planes Back Up

by Christa Lollis

Just days after the FAA grounded three hundred American Airline planes for mechanical problems they are back in the air. One East Texan thinks all the airlines should get their planes checked. "If they fix the airplanes and get the safety things checked out then get that taken care of you know get back to running so people can make money and get out of the airports," Longview resident Nakia Jackson said.

After more than 3000 flights were canceled in the last week, the planes are back up, but most people in East Texas who traveled probably didn't deal with the headaches. A local travel agent told KTRE, "With American it doesn't affect us as much here in the Lufkin area cause most of our clients fly out of Houston which Continental is the hub."  Even if it did happen here most of the people we spoke with say they would feel better knowing they weren't flying in a defective plane.  East Texan Deanna Ramsey says the canceled flights don't bother her. "It doesn't make me nervous actually because it's 1 in 400,000 chance to die in a plane crash." And the FAA says now there's no need for passengers to worry because the problems have been fixed.