JLL: Support Our Troops

News Release:

(Lufkin TX) - Recently, The Junior League of Lufkin conducted a "Mission in a Meeting." On April 2, over 100 women joined forces to collect items that will be shipped to our troops overseas. The Junior League of Lufkin meets on a monthly basis to plan and implement their fundraising and volunteer efforts for the community. This particular meeting the group conducted a "Mission in a Meeting." Each woman made a small contribution individually, but by uniting together, the combined efforts made a huge impact. Each woman was challenged to bring goods requested by the American Legion for care packages to our troops. Mary Moore, President of Junior League of Lufkin, said, "We have had a variety of 'Mission in a Meeting' projects. Missions reaching out to ladies right inside our own membership, missions to reach out to others in our community, and this time, I wanted our league to reach across the world and touch someone. My quote of encouragement to our members this year is 'To the World you may be one person but to one person you may be the World. And hopefully, by us saying thank you to our troops we were able to accomplish that." Based on the number of items collected, it obviously was important to all the women to get involved. One member, Reba Squyers, took the challenge of collecting items to another level. This project really hit home for Mrs. Squyers, so she dropped a collection box off at the Lufkin Police Department for the officers and employees to donate items. "My son is in the United States Marine Corps and my husband is a Lufkin Police Officer and former active duty Marine. I knew that there were other officers and employees of the police dept that have ties to the military or would just want to help out our troops. I saw this as an opportunity to give them an avenue to help," said Squyers. Reba Squyers is a prime example of how one member of the Junior League of Lufkin is impacted then turns around and impacts the community. This was one mission the Junior League of Lufkin was glad to carry out.

American Legion has a list of items the soldiers need and want in care packages. You can contact Lucy Burris with the American Legion by calling 676-9148 . They would be thrilled for you to help stuff boxes once a month, donate items, or donate money to cover shipping.


Since its beginning in 1953, the Junior League of Lufkin has supported many local projects and has made a positive impact on countless lives in Lufkin. The vision of our organization's members is to enhance the lives of children and women in our community. To date, the JLL has donated over $1.8 million dollars to Angelina County. The Junior League of Lufkin is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. For more information, visit the website,