No Smoking Ordinance Specifics

Restaurants may no longer have to ask their customers smoking preference. If the proposed Nacogdoches no smoking ordinance passes there won't be a choice. City planner Aron Kulhavy wraps it up this way.  " Where you would see smoking now, it would not be allowed. Just based from my experience, more in restaurants, or bars or clubs. "

Smokers may have to go 20 feet away from the front door to light up. Some owners and managers have their arguments ready. Others are hearing about it for the very first time, such as restaurant manger Juan Gonzalez.  " If it becomes, let's say, a nacogdoches kind of law then we have to follow it. There's nothing we can do. But otherwise we really have to think about it."

Other regulated places are elevators, public transportation, restrooms, service lines, retail stores, service places, public meeting rooms, health facilities, lobbies and hallways of apartment buildings , hotels, and nursing homes. Also outdoor festivals and ballparks.

Cities across the nation are doing this sort of thing to varying degrees. Kulhavy said,   " So there's a wide variety. The proposal in Nacogdoches is more towards the very strict variety. "

Enforcement will be the challenge. Complaints and just getting caught could lead to a citation. City fines are from zero to $2,000. There's a large delegation of ordinance proponents. Opponents aren't as well organized and vocal. That may all change come Tuesday night.