Alto Football Breeds 'Jacket Baseball Success

"They are good at anything," says one Alto native.

And they are, whether it is football, or baseball, in Alto, it doesnt really matter.

As the Jackets, have figured out both.

"The fact that we have been so successfull playing football, carries over to the other sports also," says Alto head baseball coach John Dixon.

The state winning football team, is now producing, a state ranked baseball team.

"It is wierd, I guess that is just Alto's winning tradition, building athletes in everything and in all sports," said Alto 1st baseman and pitcher Clint Dover.

While baseball season doesn't start until the spring, the its the fall football mentality that has the Jackets ready to roll.

Alto senior Tarlandus Mitchell stated, "We are trying to do it two times in a row, and most teams have never done it in football and turn around and do it in baseball."

"During football season, before we broke out during practice, we would all get togther and say 'win state' and that is what we do now," echoed Dover.

There is one thing, however, that is hard to believe...that any Alto Yellowjacket would choose hardball over football.

Dover admitted, "Baseball is my first sport anyway that I like the most...but I wouldn't tell (head football coach) coach Gardner that."

Which makes sense, because big hits on the football field, lead to bigger hits on the diamond.