Chandler Murder Suicide

A possible murder-suicide happened on Farm Market Road 26-61, on the west side of Smith County between Tyler and Chandler.

Officials say two bodies were found shot to death in the East Texas home. Late this morning, a man called authorities saying they needed to go to his family member's home.

Two women on the scene say it was the home of  their brother... 78 year old Johnny Kellis, a former Jacksonville Police Officer.

Authorities say he and his wife, were found shot in their home. When authorities first arrived at the house the front door was open and they believed someone was alive in the house.

They tried to have the man's son talk him out over the P-A and through phone calls.  After that was unsuccessful the SWAT team deployed gas inside the home.

Carol Shin one of Johnny's sister's says," he told his son he was trying to load the gun and she was trying to take it away from him and it went off and it was an accident. But that the police would never believe him that it was an accident. And he couldn't take the chance. He didn't want to go to the penitentiary."

Margaret Grimes, Johnny's other sister says, " They fought off and on. Arguing and she would leave and then she'd come back. "

The family also says Johnny suffered from depression, he had multiple health problems, and that doctors had just told him he did not have long to live.