Lufkin Police Report - 4/17/08

DISTURBANCE/DOMESTIC: 700 BLOCK OF LAZY OAKS. Complainant reported that her ex-boyfriend assaulted her during a disturbance early Thursday morning.  Complainant reported that he hit her with his fists, shoved her down and pulled part of her hair weave out.

THEFT/B: 1600 BLOCK OF N RAGUET. Complainant reported that a gym bag containing toiletries and a change of clothing was stolen from his unlocked locker at work Wednesday night.

THEFT: 2300 BLOCK OF RAGUET. Complainant reported that his social security card was stolen by an unknown person a week or two ago.

TERRORISTIC THREAT: 2300 RAGUET. Complainant reported that he was threatened by a known suspect Wednesday evening.

ASSAULT: 200 BLOCK OF BREMOND. Complainant reported that her brother pushed her down, kicked and hit her during a disturbance Wednesday night.  Complainant had an abrasion on her knee.

ASSAULT/C: 4500 BLOCK OF MEDFORD. Complainant is a store clerk who reported that a customer threw a telephone and hit the complainant in the chest with it during a disturbance Wednesday afternoon.

ASSAULT/A: 1800 SAYERS. Complainants are brother and sister who reported they were assaulted by two known suspects Wednesday afternoon.  Neither complainant required medical treatment for their minor injuries.

BURGLARY: 200 BLOCK OF MCHALE. Complainant reported that someone entered his unsecured house and stole his coffee pot and an electric guitar Wednesday.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING: 4101 S MEDFORD DR. Complainant reported that a bonus check from her employer was stolen and forged.

BURGLARY: 400 BLOCK OF ADAMS. Complainant reported that a portable TV/DVD player was stolen from her unsecured vehicle Tuesday night.

THEFT: 4000 BLOCK OF MEDFORD. Complainant reported that someone stole 150 gallons of diesel fuel from his truck-tractor while it was parked with the complainant sleeping inside Tuesday night.