Possible Highway 59 Speed Limit Decrease

Bobby DuBose tells us his store, Lufkin Power Sports, has been located on Highway 59 South for the past four years. Many of his customers say the current 70 mile per hour speed limit makes the store's location dangerous. He agrees.

"Well, you have pretty good visibility, but with these big trucks on the highway and everything, it takes them a while to stop. So, if someone is pulling out in front of one of those larger trucks it might be kind of tough," DuBose said.

Tonight the Lufkin City Council will hold the first reading for a proposed ordinance to lower the speed limit to 60.

Lufkin City Manager Paul Parker told us, "The speed limit goes up and down pretty rapidly in that area. You leave the city and you go to 70 and then you go right back down at Burke."

the reason for the inconsistency in speed is due to annexation. Last year the city of Lufkin annexed the area from the garden of memories cemetery all the way down to the city of burke. That portion's speed limit is still 70 miles an hour. The Texas department of transportation wants it lowered to 60.

"I think what they're trying to do is have a consistent speed limit from Diboll to Lufkin, where there's not an enforcement problem with it jumping up and back down," Parker said.

Several people we talked to say they the speed limit should stay 70. They believe that will keep the busy Highway 59 traffic from backing up. Officials know their final decision won't please everyone.

"If you ask me personally, I don't see the problem with the existing speed limit, but others may. They want to make it consistent and I can see that, so you don't jump up and back down the speed limit," Parker told us.

The Lufkin City Council will hold the second reading for the proposed speed decrease on May 6th. After the second reading, the proposal will go back to TxDOT for final approval.