LOT Crew Application Deadline Nears

Ask any eighth grader participating in the Nacogdoches city'Leaders Of Tomorrow' program and you'll hear the recommendation to seventh graders to sign up now.   All year the middle school students have learned about the world outside of the classroom. Today, at their last outing they visited the airport. They toured a corporate jet, used by Bright Coop Company, a successful Nacogdoches industry.

Now is the time for nacogdoches seventh graders to sign up for next year's program. LOT leader, Tracy Rucker said,  " The counselors at each of their schools within nacogdoches county have the applications and brochures telling them all about LOT Crew, but they need to visit their counselor at their school, pick up an application and fill it out completely and get it back to them by May 2nd." the program gives young people insight about the working world. It's useful information as they enter high school next year.