Destination Imagination

by Christa Lollis

Doctor George Thannisch knows a good project when he sees one and today he helped five 4th graders fund their trip to Tennessee. They've been working on project for destination imagination. Thannisch explains, "Anything that has an experience in mind to think outside the box and do things on their own helps develop them and that is what this is all about."

The team has been working together since first grade. But even with 3 years under their belts it didn't make this years competition any easier. "You had to make obstacles, you had to make the skits and first we had no idea what the skits going to be. You have to come up with it and it's just, it's challenging on some parts," 4th grader Reagan Jordan said.

Creating a car that could withstand all the obstacles was a big part of that challenge. "Like a tank because of the wheels if it was like 4 individual wheels it would get hung up on the stairs, it wouldn't like go up on up it," Andrew Morris a team member explains. But after 7 months, they've built a course that won at regionals and then at state. Now, they're one of two teams in Angelina County that are headed to Tennessee to see if their creation can stand up to thousands of students from across the globe.