Garrison's Williams Flips the Switch

by Coleman Swierc

Coming out of Garrison, Jabara Williams, thought he might never get a chance to play.

"I felt like it at one point," the S.F.A. Lumberjacks says.

But the chance he got.  Now he's taking over.

"He has unlimited potential," S.F.A. Linebacker Coach Eric Lokey says.  "The sky is the limit as far as how good he can be.  I am very fortunate to be able to coach him.  I think he is going to be a great linebacker here at S.F.A."

Williams, had little time to adjust.  As true freshman he became a starter.

"Yeah it hit me last year," Williams says.  "When I first got here, I was like man I am a freshman and I am a starter.  It kind of surprised me."

Williams is a linebacker now, but hasn't always been.  Garrison's second all time leading rusher had a brief stint at running back this past season for the Jacks.  He played well, but ultimately realized it wasn't for him

"I like linebacker," Williams says.  "I don't see myself going back to running back.  I really enjoy playing defense.  It is a passion."

Whether defense or offense, Williams embraces the challenge.  He hopes his journey from small school to starter, can be matched by others

"A lot of small schools get overlooked," Williams says.  "And it is a good opportunity for us to take advantage of that."