Lufkin Police Report - 4/18/08

THEFT: 100 BLOCK OF GARDEN WALK. Complainant reported the theft of two woman's rings from her residence during the past several weeks.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 1100 BLOCK OF PONDEROSA. Complainant reported that her neighbors' tree fell on her wooden fence in November and the neighbor cut her fence post with a chainsaw while cutting the tree up.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 700 BLOCK OF KILN. Complainant reported that a known suspect came into her residence while she wasn't home and retrieved some items that belonged to him.  The complainant reported that the suspect has a trespass warning for that location and came over and went in her home without permission while the complainant wasn't there.

ASSAULT/A: 1400 BLOCK OF SLACK ST. Complainant reported that he was assaulted by a known suspect early Friday morning who hit him with a shovel.  The complainant had a cut on his hand and a contusion to his forehead.  He did not require medical treatment.

FAIL TO STOP AND RENDER AID: 2800 BLOCK OF E DENMAN. Officers responded to a major accident around 7:35 Thursday evening in which one of the vehicles involved had left the scene.  One vehicle overturned, causing minor injuries to the passenger.  The suspect vehicle's front bumper, with the license plate was still at the scene and the vehicle and driver were located a short time later and charges of Failure to Stop and Render Aid are pending.

ASSAULT/AGGRAVATED: 1200 BRIARWOOD. Complainant reported that he was shot by an unknown person as he was riding in a car on Briarwood Street around 10:30 Thursday night.  The complainant said he didn't know who shot him, someone just started shooting at the car he was riding in.  The complainant also said he didn't know who was driving the car and didn't know who shot him.  The complainant was treated at a local hospital for a superficial bullet wound on his buttock.

ASSAULT/A: 3600 BLOCK OF MOFFETT. Trash talking after a softball game led to a reported assault.  Complainant reported that he was hit by a known suspect after a ball game ended.  The suspect was located and said he did hit the complainant but only in defense of a teammate whom the suspect had approached in a threatening manner.

THEFT/B: 2900 BLOCK OF JOHN REDDITT. Complainant reported that his Rally brand push mower was stolen from his residence sometime Wednesday night or Thursday.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE: 1400 BLOCK OF ADDIE. Complainant reported that he loaned his pickup to his nephew Tuesday and gave the nephew some money to buy a trailer in another county.  As of Thursday evening the nephew had not returned the truck and told another family member that he had been robbed of the cash.

FAIL TO STOP AND RENDER AID: ATKINSON DRIVE. Lufkin Police arrested Lufkin resident Elton Gibson Jr., 17, yesterday on charges of felony Failure to Stop and Render Aid stemming from a hit and run accident that occurred last Friday night.  Just after 11pm Friday April 11, a 15 year old girl was hit by a truck while she was walking across Atkinson Drive near Arena St.  The truck fled the scene of the accident without stopping to check on the victim.  The girl suffered serious injuries and was later flown to a Houston hospital and listed in critical condition.  She is recovering from her injuries. The truck was later located several blocks away.  After an investigation, a warrant was obtained for Gibson's arrest and he turned himself in to Lufkin Police Thursday afternoon and was booked into Angelina County Jail.