Sex Assault Trial Verdict

by Christa Lollis

Witnesses took the stand for one last time to make their case for or against Jabar Young, at the close of an emotional 3 day long trial. "Sex assault cases against children are very different cases to defend. It's very difficult to defend a child witness. There are obviously inconsistencies between child's memories 2 years later and what came up in reports," Albert Charanza, defense attorney explained. In closing arguments, Charanza pushed that point, while the prosecution used the time to remind the jury of the graphic details the girls used.

After an hour of deliberating the jury found young guilty of 2 counts of aggravated assault and 3 counts of indecency with a child. "Justice was served. We had 3 little victims that were pretty badly abused by the defendant and I really feel like the conduct he engaged in earned him the long prison sentences he got," Prosecutor Art Bauereiss said.

As the judge read the jury's sentence of 99 years in prison on the assaults and 20 years on the indecency charges, there were gasps and tears from Young's family members. But it's a punishment the prosecution hopes will set the bar in East Texas. He said, "I hope that it does. I want Angelina County to be rough on sex offenders, especially those who abuse children." Young began serving his life sentence tonight in the Angelina County jail, and will eventually be moved to a penitentiary.