Choking Game Lessons

by Christa Lollis

Todays sermon at Abundant Life Church was about being saved but it was about kids saving themselves from a deadly game. "I don't mind putting some other things on the agenda.  I don't mind cutting my sermon short if it means reaching some young people and saving some lives.  We have a lot of parents here and a lot of children here who either don't know anything about this so called choking game or they have participated in it," Pastor, Derrick Lewis Noble said. So todays service was dedicated to teaching the congregation about the dangers of the game.

Local law enforcement told them of people it's already killed in East Texas. "It makes us aware that it not only  happens in Houston, in Dallas.  It's right here in Lufkin.  It's right in our neighborhood," Patrice Griffin, a concerned parent said. And this pastor has already learned that.   After a smaller session of just a week ago 4 of his teenage members told him they knew about the game all to well. "One of them approached me saying that they had done it once and they were promising never to do it again and of course I did talk to their parent.  The other three approached me saying I have some friends that I know for a fact are doing this." That's made him even more passionate about it.

So today he held the session again in hopes that it his congregation will continue spreading the word around Lufkin.   And Griffin says she's going to start with her kids to make sure they know it's no game. She explains, "If you know they're doing it tell someone.  If you know they're doing it say hey man this is not cool you know there's other things that we can do and there's other ways to get a happy high." And pastor noble hopes each of his members telling someone else will help keep the number of deaths from the game down in East Texas.