House Fire

When neighbors saw lots of smoke coming from a home on Chevy Chase in Nacogdoches they knew something was wrong.   They called the fire department. Firefighters found flames in the garage area. The fire was under control in a short amount of time, but not before a lot of damage occurred throughout the home. The smoke could be smelled all over the neighborhood. Deputy Chief Jimmy Marshall said,    " It looked like the fire started in a utility room between the, looks like the kitchen-dining area and the garage. We're still in the process of investigating to find out the cause. Had it pretty well under control in about 10 minutes. "  The homeowner told fire investigators that some plumbing work had been conducted on the home.   Dan and Angel Eason and their toddler child lived in the house. The SFA strength coach and Nacogdoches County probation officer weren't home, but their dog was. Neighbors, with the help emergency workers moved him to safety. In this case it paid to have good neighbors.