Record Gas Prices

AAA and the Oil Price Information Service say the price per gallon averages $3.50 across the nation after jumping more than a nickel over the weekend.   Consumers may have little incentive to travel anywhere this summer. But many tourism-related businesses are taking steps to make traveling attractive in tough times. Some popular vacation destinations, and local visitors bureaus are offering deals to soften the blow for cash strapped travelers this summer.

Visitors to Southern California... Can get 25 dollar gas or airfare rebates and daily food vouchers from the conference and visitor bureau in Costa Mesa, an area near Disneyland.

New Hampshire's state visitors bureau's offers a list of gas savings offers on it's website. And New York State's Hospitality Association is teaming with hotels to offer one free night of lodging when two nights are booked. Some larger hotel chains and travel websites could follow suit by offering rebates, discounts, or gift cards in order to lure people out of their homes.