Justice Is Coming - New Book By Local Attorney

'Justice Is Coming', has an ominous book cover. Its author, John Boundy assures the reader what they'll find inside will be just as intriguing. The Nacogdoches County assistant district attorney described,  " It is a courtroom thriller that turns to a murder mystery extravaganza. "

Boundy gathered parts and pieces of real life cases he's prosecuted and turned them into a novel about a fictional attorney named Ernie Holmes. The small town lawyer uses the courtroom to put away a devious doctor. Not giving too much of the plot away, Boundy said, " There's this doctor that gets caught triple billing insurance companies and is just a lone wolf. And you've got this young lawyer whose walking into the largest case of his life and has no idea what he's getting into." Boundy writes on the marketing page, "The deception feeds a lavish lifestyle".    " There's private islands, yachts and planes. So it kinda turns into a James Bond kind of situation, "  he said.

But definitely reality based. All that high living comes from one who knows. Boundy said,  " I have a technical advisor who is a professional skip tracer. He travels all over the world and catches people who have absconded with money and then taken off to start new lives. They disappear without a trace and now they're living in Bora Bora." Combine that with boundy's experience. He's an attorney and a physician assistant. The result is a thriller.

Boundy describes 'Justice Is Coming' as a dark journey with lots of twists and turns along the way. Definitely a better read than the law books used in Boundy's day job.

To learn more about the book or purchase the soft bound novel visit www.zonepress.com  , or call 800-355-3317 or directly from the author at www.shootingstarcreations.com