Lufkin Litter Problems

Lufkin does have a reputation as an award winning clean city. Year after year it's come in first place as the cleanest city of it's size in this region of Texas. But in this year's competition, Lufkin didn't do quite as well.

The City of Lufkin came in second in this year's State Environmental Awards. City leaders have vowed to get Lufkin back to number one. Many East Texans tell us with the amount of litter found around town, they can see why Lufkin's ranking slipped.

Jo Lewis said, "It needs to be cleaned up. People shouldn't litter. It's wrong."

Josh Freeman told us, "There's been more of it lately. It doesn't look good."

"I see a lot of the litter on the loop. They're throwing it all on the loop and on the mainstream roads," Betty Thomas said.

Lufkin city officials want to help people who litter clean up their act. They'll soon take the current 62 gallon trash cans and replace them with 96 gallon trash cans.

Lufkin City Manager Paul Parker has strong feeling about Lufkin's litter problem. "There's no sense in throwing litter out the window and there's no sense throwing trash bags of litter in creeks or at the end of the roads," he said. "It's more trouble to load it in your pickup truck and take it to a creek than it is to set it out and let the city come get it."

Officials say they need Lufkin residents to help them fight litter all year long and not just on Earth Day.

Dale Allred, Director of Inspection Services for Lufkin Code Enforcement, has a special message for Lufkin residents: "Everyone should pick their own litter up. Keep their front and back yards clean. It's good for yourself, it's good for your neighbors, it's good for your community."

If you live in lufkin and you want to report a litter problem you can contact Lufkin Code Enforcement.