Zavalla Superintendent Voluntarily Resigns

by Jessica Cervantez

The Zavalla superintendent has voluntarily resigned, that's according to the school board president.  A special board meeting was called Monday evening to decide the fate of Dr. Kathy Ray.

The board was in executive session for nearly two hours before an agreement was made. School Board President Rodney Lott said the voluntary resignation was a mutual decision by both parties and the best action to take for the district. Dr. Ray will finish the school year.

While the board was in executive session, parents, a past board member, and even the PTO president said Dr. Ray made lots of changes in the past year including adding new facilities, more teachers, and programs like distance learning.

Also, one school board member resigned, saying she did not agree with the school board, and the direction it was taking.

The school board president said there may be a voluntary exit agreement where Dr. Ray is compensated, but that information would have to be sought out through an open records request.