Plane Crash Investigation Continues

Crews are still searching the Toledo Bend Reservoir for the bodies of the three passengers, and for the remaining wreckage.

"Until we find everything that we think is there, we will be here searching," sgt. Beau clark told us.

Officials and volunteers from several surrounding counties as well the FAA and NTSB are involved in the search and investigation, but the size of the lake is making things difficult. But many of these same workers have dealt with a huge crash in this area before.

"We had the shuttle back in 2003, but this is the first plane crash that I've dealt with in a while here in this county."

The plane that crashed was a SR-22 Cirrus. Officials tell us it's a newer model plane that's fairly light. According to witnesses, the plane was torn to pieces as soon as it hit the water. Aboard were three business partners traveling from Tupelo, Mississippi to an airport in the Houston area. Those three people have been indentified as pilot Daniel McIntyre of Humble, Texas, Heather Harden of louisiana and George McFadden of New York City. Their bodies have not yet been found. The cause of the crash is also still under investigation.