Angelina Benefit Rodeo

by Christa Lollis

As crowds filled the expo center in Lufkin, the dollars were adding up for the lions club. They host the Angelina Benefit Rodeo each year which raises thousands of dollars for local organizations. "We try to put that back in a host of other notable charities within the community as they call upon us to need funding for this and help for this and the rodeo association tries to put back what meets our goals and missions with in the community," Garry Sorrell with the Lions Club said.

Tonight was opening night and already the stands were full. And it's bringing people from all over East Texas. "They get calls from Livingston. They get calls from anywhere around for miles and miles,"Sorrell said. They've even brought in a special motorcycle event they think will improve attendance. "They will jump some upwards of 30 plus feet in the air off the ground on motorcycles doing flips just like you see on TV shows some these specials." Along with that there will be hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls riding and roping as the event goes on during the next 3 days. And ticket sales have proven it's going to be a busy weekend at the rodeo.