Assault Report Against Miranda Lambert

An East Texas country music star is accused of assaulting a woman at a Smith County club.

A woman claims Miranda Lambert shoved and cursed at her, saturday night at "Bootleggers night club.

In the report, filed yesterday, Aisha Esbay claims she approached the star for a picture.

She says Lambert dismissed her and another friend... So Esbay confronted the singer.

Aisha Esaby told her, " I just wanted to tell you, I think you should be so rude, especially to fans and she freaked out."

Esbay also says, " She shoved me and said you don't know who the 'F' I am, she said you need to get the 'F' out of here and so when she shoved me again, I kind of fell into a barstool."

Miranda's mom, BevLambert, says the two talked but Miranda never assaulted her.

She says quote: "I was standing next to my daughter when the conversation took place.

It did not happen in the manner which was reported and in the event i'm called to testify, I will."

The Smith County Sheriff's Department says they will investigate fairly."