Missing Child Found

When Roseann Cobb realized her 3 year old son, James, was missing, her whole world turned upside down. That changed when authorities finally found him.

"I'm so happy! my son's my world. Wihtout him I'd die. I can't image my world without him," Cobb said.

After an exhausting early morning search, there's only one word to describe what officials felt after it all ended.

"Relief! I guarantee you. To find the baby and make sure the baby was all right is what we were looking for and god blessed us. He's got a few stickers in his feet, but other than that he's doing fine," said Angelina County Sheriff Kent Henson.

Cobb realized James was missing from their Angelina County home this morning around 9:30. She called the Sheriff's Department right away. Sheriff's deputies and neighbors teamed up to search the area. Their first fear was that he was trapped in the woods.

"This time of year, you've got fire ants, you've got snakes, you've got all kids of stuff out here in these woods, or out in the yard anywhere," Sheriff Henson told us.

K-9 units were soon brought out. The dogs' noses quickly led them to little James, which led to an emotional reunion with his mother.

Cobb says her son loves animals. She says he apparently opened the front door and walked outisde to see the neighbor's horses. He was found in the woods not far from the neighbor's horse pin.

"We caution anyone to watch young children. It's hard to watch them. You bat your eye and they're gone," Henson said.

Cobb tells us she'll keep a closer eye on James so what happened today never happens again.