Truck Fire Follows Recall Letter

There's not much left of the Lynch's Ford pickup truck. It led to a rude awakening on Sunday morning. A passerby banged on their door to alert them of the danger. Chuck Lynch recalled,  " I jumped out of bed and ran to the door and when I opened it I saw the flames coming out of the hood of the truck here from the front door." His wife Glenda added,  " As it was burning it exploded and fire just went into the air. "

The truck is one of over ten million Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles recalled since 1999 due to a faulty cruise control switch. They corrode overtime and catch fire.   A couple of weeks ago the Lynches got a recall letter advising that the cruise control be disconnected until replacement parts are available in May. It pointed out the vehicle can catch fire even when it's not running. Lynch said,    " The letter also said that we had received prior letters and we may have, but I didn't read them because the only thing on the envelope is the Ford emblem in the return address area and I probably thought it was junk mail and threw it. We received several things from them on an extended warranty we had on that , please renew this. To me that's junk mail. "

The lynches are wanting other vehicle owners to take note of what happened to them. They also think manufacturers ought to distinguish notifications from solicitations. Lynch observed,  " It doesn't get your attention. Now we're believers, of course, but this is after the fact. " Lynch's neighbor, Bob Rahn got the same warning for his SUV.   " Like everybody else, I probably did not take it very serious," he admitted.  He does now.

The Lynches had planned to take their truck in during may after returning from an out of state trip and allow more time for the parts to come in. The letter warned them if the cruise control couldn't be disconnected right away, to park the vehicle away from structures to avoid any potential fire from spreading. The fire caught an uninsured car on fire. It also melted the home's front.

The Lynches will soon get a new vehicle. They'll also take a closer look at the mail coming from their new car's manufacturer.