Restaurant Report- Angelina County 04/24/2008

Time for Restaurant Report, let's see what health inspectors had to say about Angelina County eateries.

The China King Restaurant on South First Street got 24 demerits. They needed to increase the buffet temperature. Food prep area was dirty there was gnats in the area. All food must be protected inside the cooler and the all food must be stored six inches off the floor.

The Donut Palace in Huntington got 17 demerits. Children were in the food prep area. There was Raid roach spray in the food service area, and there was dirty floors underneath equipment area.

In Diboll, Jack In The Box got 14 demerits. They had dirty shelves and the microwave was unclean. The floors in the freezer and behind the grill needed to be clean.

And congratulations to the following: Lufkin Middle School, Huntington Elementary, Intermediate, and High Schools, Diboll Primary, and Sonic in Huntington. All recieved zero demerits.