Kids Helping In The Community

by Christa Lollis

First and second graders from Dunbar Primary were raising money for several organizations in the community tonight. One of them is the Ellen Trout Zoo. They visit each month and have become especially fond of the tiger who is also the Dunbar mascot. "They are working together to help raise money for a web cam so that you can look, go to the internet, look on and see what the tiger is doing in his cage any time," Second grade teacher Jamie Mahan explained. Their teachers also say it's helped them understand what good can come from hard work.

The students made books for their moms, wrote poetry and auctioned off their artwork. "We've been studying the art of Vincent Van Gogh and Monet.  We have been doing starry night and water lilies," Second grader Michael Zachary said. Tonight the students also raised money for the schools relay for life team. With all these projects the first and second graders have been working on, the school hopes the kids get more than a typical education. "We are trying to have well rounded students and just teach them more than just math and reading at our campus," Mahan said. And the kids don't look at it as extra work, they're excited to be making a difference in the community.