Livingston High School Anniversary

Downtown Livingston was filled with people wearing green and white to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Livingston High School.

"It's just kind of a coming home. All the downtown business have supported us with decorations and it's just been a great day to come back to lion country," said LHS Class of 1964 Alumni Patricia Snook.

The celebration included a historical market dedication, a luncheon and a pep rally. The celebrated was aimed at former and current Livingston High Students and their family and friend. But anyone was welcomed to attend. LHS alumni tell us it's always good to know you're appreciated.

"It feels great! I loved every year I spent at LHS. It was just wonderful. It means more and more to you the older you get. When you first graduate, it doesn' tmean very much, but the older you get it means a lot," said Snook.

The celebration brought out a diverse crowd of people, especially when it comes to age.

"We've got people here from the early 1930's that graduated from Livingston High School, and we've got the 100th year class of the seniors this year at Livingston High School. It's their 100th year class," Snook added.

LHS Alumni are glad to be honored, but also know it's important to share what they've learned through the years with the younger generation.

"It's very motivating just to see how far they've come because they really didn't have much back then compared to how much we have not. It's really interesting and it's very encouraging and motivating," said LHS Class of 2008 senior Nimi Gowan.

As long as LHS Alumni keep showing this kind of solidarity, Livingston High School will be around 100 more years.