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4/27/2008 - Diboll

Packers Draft Finley

by Ryan Peterson

It is finally over for Jermichael Finley.  After two days full of anxiety, it all ended with 91st pick.  The call finally came, from a cold area code.

"It was a 920 number, it was Green Bay." said Finley, "It was the head coach, the GM and the tight end coach. They said 'what's up stud?'  I said nothing, just ready to be a Packer."

Break out the cheese.

"I guess I have to. I really didn't like them, but i do now," said Finley's brother Ketarus Stanton.

"It's going to be real nice to play on a field that many great legends played on. I hope to be a legend one day, and grow up to be a superstar."

ESPN's Mel Kiper says Finley would have been a first round pick, had he stayed one more year. The hugs and smiles, at home, tell Finley, he made the right decision.

"I am very happy with what I have right now. Just being in the NFL Is a blessing and priveledge. I'm just real happy."

His first order of business? He better get a big coat.   Finley leaves for Green Bay on Thursday.


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