Livingston Officer Killed

Flags all over Livingston are flying at half staff today in honor of Caran Coward, the Livingston police officer who was found dead over the weekend.

Garnet Sorrells, who lives near Livingston, said, "Anything like this is a tragic event. When you take young people out of the prime of their lives, it's always a sad story."

Livingston resident John Schaffner told us, "I think an event like this can happen in any size community. It's a real tragedy. Having been in law enforcement myself, I regret that sometimes that does happen, but it shouldn't happen anywhere."

Polk County Sheriff's Department officials say Officer Coward was on duty Saturday night when she got a call from her husband, Randy Coward. Both she and her husband were found dead outside her Polk County home. Authotirities believe officer Coward's husband killed her with a shot gun and then turned the gun on himself. They say the couple was going through a divorce.

"There were some problems along the way, but nobody expected this to happen," Polk County Sheriff Kenneth Hammack said.

Both the Livingston Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff's Department are coping with the loss. Coward is remembered as a good officer and an even better person. Fellow law enforcement officers know danger comes with the job, but knowing her death could have been a result of domestic violence makes it even harder for them to deal with.

"It brings us back to reality to start with to show that police are just other citizens within the county and the city that we're not immune to domestic violence," Sheriff Hammack told us.

Caran Coward leaves behind three children. If you would like to make a donation to help officer coward's family, please contact the Livingston Police Department or the First National Bank in Livingston.