Lufkin Police Report - 4/29/08

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 200 BLOCK OF MCHALE ST. Complainant reported that his estranged wife beat his truck with a bat or club causing damage to the pickup Monday afternoon.

ABUSE/HANGUP: 300 BLOCK OF CHAMPIONS. Complainant police officer reported 911 abuse where a young male called and reported a possible shooting to occur at a school.  The call came in just after 6pm Monday and there was no one at the school and no sign of any disturbance was found.  The same cell phone number had called several times Monday afternoon and hung up each time.

BURGLARY/HABITATION: 1700 BLOCK OF  LONG AV. Complainant reported that a known suspect was seen stealing several items of furniture and a refrigerator from her home over the weekend.

BURGLARY: 3500 BLOCK OF MEDFORD. Complainant reported that his wallet, stereo and cell phone were stolen from his unsecured pickup while he was at work Sunday night.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 500 BLOCK OF E LUFKIN AV. Complainant reported that graffiti was spray painted on the side of a moving truck Sunday night.

DEBIT CARD ABUSE: 1800 BLOCK OF W FRANK. Complainant reported that her purse was stolen or lost at work recently and her debit card has now been used without authorization.

DEBIT CARD ABUSE: 700 BLOCK OF SCHULLER ST. Complainant reported that he lost his wallet about three weeks ago and now someone has used his Lone Star card without authorization.

SEX OFFENSES/OTHER: 4600 BLOCK OF S MEDFORD. Complainant reported that a couple was performing sex acts inside a photo booth and that their images were visible to passersby on a monitor outside the photo booth Monday evening.