Hospital Allegations

Doctor Joe Dickerson fulfilled his lifelong dream when he founded the Dickerson Memorial Hospital in Jasper in 1964. He says after the new group of managers took control of the hospital 7 years ago, they turned his dream into a nightmare.

"As it stand now, it's hopeless. We're not giving good patient care. We're only running two or three patients in the hospital and things are in turmoil," Dickerson told us.

According to Dickerson, the complaints around Jasper about Dickerson Memorial are true. He and several other former employees we talked to off camera tell us many hospital employees have had more than one of their checks withheld or bounced. They say the lack of pay has caused a high turnover rate, which has caused the hospital to be understaffed and left with only a few undertrained workers.

"I pointed out to management what they were doing to us was slavery! Making us work for nothing. That ended in 1865! we might fight over our wages, but we don't work for nothing," Dickerson added.

Hospital officials declined to talk to us on camera, but they did tell us only a couple of Dickerson Memorial employees have had problems with their checks, but they were corrected immediately. He also says the hospital has always had enough staff for the amount of patients and that all employees meet state requirements. Dickerson says he just wants things back on track.

"I'm not mad at anybody. I just wish this whole matter could be resolved and we could get back to work doing what we're supposed to do; trying to take care of sick people," Dickerson said.