All Eyes on J-Mac

Bob Stoops, Mack Brown and Charlie Weis are some of the top college football coaches who have visited Lufkin this year.  Former Dallas Cowboys great and U.S.C. Assistant Coach Ken Norton Jr. stopped by Panthers practice today.   What do they all want? JaMarkus McFarland.

"It's God given talent to have all eyes on you," McFarland says.

"It's cool for us to have the number two player in the nation," Lufkin defensive back De'Marquez Freeman says.  "It's just great."

The attention won't be going away.  The top programs in the nation want the junior defensive tackle.  McFarland's not worried about an answer.

"Right now I'm just ready to get out here with the rest of the guys," McFarland says of spring practice.  "These (teammates) are my brothers out here."

J-Mac's brothers like the attention.

"Especially being on defense," Freeman says.  "When the defensive recruits come in, they can see all the players."

McFarland hopes his talent can open other doors for his Lufkin teammates.

"These guys (coaches) are coming out here knowing I'm just another one of these guys out on the field," McFarland says.  "I'm no better then anyone, giving the same work ethic. I'm looking to attract more for these guys (teammates)."

McFarland says he won't commit to any college until next season or even after.  Southern Cal, Texas, Oklahoma and defending national champion L.S.U. are all in the mix.