Patients Look For New Clinic

by Christa Lollis

Davita Dialysis closed on Monday leaving their patients to find alternative care. One patients family says they had already thought about pulling their mother from the clinic after she raised concerns about the facility. "She had brought it to our attention that several patients had been taken out of there and several patients had died in the last few weeks and that was already making her nervous." Not to mention their own numerous visits to the ER. And now they're worried if their mother doesn't get dialysis soon they could be headed back there. "They have yet to get her really set up anywhere to have her dialysis that she was supposed to have had today and she has not had."

The family is trying to find a new place for their mother to get treatment and her doctor said because of her weakened state she needs to get it by tomorrow. Davita wouldn't go on camera but did tell us they are working with the families to find new facilities. Patients say the problem is most of the places in the area are full. "When they've got peoples lives in their hands they can't just sit there and sit on it. They need to let people know what's going on and know what the best avenue is for them to follow." Now this family is left with nothing but hope.