Lufkin Police Report - 5/1/08

BURGLARY/VEHICLE: 1700 BLOCK OF FRANK. Complainant reported that his car was broken into Wednesday night and the stereo, an MP3 player and his wallet were stolen.

ASSAULT/C: 10 BLOCK OF WALDEN CT. Complainant reported that his wife kicked him in the behind Wednesday night.  Complainant had no injury.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 100 BLOCK OF INWOOD. Complainant reported that someone threw a rock through the window of his car while it was parked at his home Wednesday night.

INCIDENT/INFORMATION: 500 BLOCK OF VINE. Complainant reported that her ex-husband is leaving harassing and profanity-laced messages on her answering machine.

SEX OFFENSES/OTHER: 500 BLOCK OF DIXON. Complainant reported suspicious activity and officers found an 18 year old female engaging in sexual relations with a 16 year old male.  The mother of the 16 year old did not wish to file any charges and the matter will be referred to detectives for follow-up.

FIREARM/SHOTS FIRED: 1400 BLOCK OF N TIMBERLAND. Complainant reported that the glass door to a business was shot out with a BB or pellet gun Wednesday evening.

THEFT: 1600 BLOCK OF ATKINSON. Complainant reported that his riding lawn mower was stolen from his yard Tuesday night.

THEFT: 300 BLOCK OF CONN. Complainant reported that an air compressor was stolen from a house he has been working on.

THEFT: 1800 BLOCK OF FRANK. Complainant reported that an unknown male suspect filled a bag with packages of meat and left the store without paying Wednesday.

ASSAULT/A: 400 BLOCK OF LAZY OAKS. Complainant reported that his brother-in-law hit him in the back of the head Wednesday afternoon, knocking him to the ground and causing cuts to his elbows and knee.

THEFT: 100 BLOCK OF E MENEFEE. Complainant reported that her father-in-law borrowed her lawn mower and later told her he had sold it.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 400 BLOCK OF DOGWOOD. Complainant reported that she left her car at a friend's house for two months and they had it towed off after a disagreement between the parties.  Complainant reported that sometime during that two month time frame her car was dented, scratched and the wipers and door locks were broken.

BURGLARY/VEHICLE: 2500 BLOCK OF S JOHN REDDITT. Complainant reported that an unknown person had broken into her car Monday night and stole her wallet.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: 700 BLOCK OF RAGUET. Complainant reported that he bought a car from a known suspect in February and the suspect failed to transfer the title as required by law.  Complainant also reported that the car was found to be a salvage title vehicle without a clear title.

BURGLARY/BUILDING: 2400 BLOCK OF FRANK. Complainant reported that his rented storage room was broken into sometime within the past six months and a variety of household items were stolen.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 500 BLOCK OF MCHALE. Complainant reported that someone scratched the gas tank of his motorcycle with some type object in a deliberate act of criminal mischief.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 100 BLOCK OF ROSEDALE. Complainant reported that someone backed over his mailbox for the second time in 10 days.

THEFT: 200 BLOCK OF HUMMINGBIRD. Complainant reported that a set of weights was stolen from his carport Tuesday night.