Grand Canyon Fire

Police say three people from Texas have been charged with causing a fire that's charred more than 2,000 acres near Grand Canyon National Park.

Authorities say the three people, including two east Texans, were camping in Arizona's Kaibab National Forest and left their campfire unattended.  Twenty-three year old Daniel Alan Burrouughs of Tatum, 24 year old Michael Zachary Dunn of Allen, and 24 year old Lindsey Jo McKinley of Gilmer, were charged Thursday with the federal misdemeanor offenses of leaving a fire unattended and unextinguished on federal lands, causing timber, trees, slash, grass to burn on federal lands, leaving a fire wihtout completely extinguishing it on federal lands, and allowing fire to escape from control on federal lands.

High winds sent embers into the nearby forest, and the flames quickly spread across more than three square miles.  The two men and one woman are each charged with four federal misdemeanor counts. with a maximum penalty of six months in jail, five years probation, $5,000 fine and restitution for the fire suppression costs.

Firefighters are holding the line on the "X" fire near the Grand Canyon.  U.S. Forest Service officials said they are hopeful that much lower winds predicted Thursday will help them fully contain the fire.